In 1952 Carl Jung together with Nobel laureate in physics Wolfgang Pauli published a paper which explored the phenomenon, which Jung named «Synchronicity». And even though Jung did not analyze the phenomenon in its fullness, he tried to attract attention of the general public to it. He believed that our world is «unus mundus», the underlying unified reality from which everything emerges and to which everything returns. Hence the name of this website: refers to the idea that we all are fundamentally connected, that we form a network of interconnected individuals.

Actually what Jung meant by «Synchronicity», people have known for ages as precognitions, prophetic dreams, strange coincidences etc. Far more people had similar experience than is generally believed. Usually this topic is covered with a mystical, esoteric and astrological robe. To get an objective view the fantasy, magic and superstition which surround this phenomenon should be stripped off. Current website allows to address this old question on a global scale: people share their Visions and Stories, make them social. The information is thus timestamped and tagged, is ready to be analyzed from different angles, both subjective and objective. Visions and Stories are two key tools on this website for approaching synchronicity-like events.

As Mark Vernon puts it, the key feature of phenomena like the Pauli effect and synchronicity is that they are random and beyond anyone"s direct control. It is (almost) impossible to approach it with pure scinetific methodology and it is why the mainstream of Science (with its dominating scientific realism and principle of locality) is sceptical about it. However, more and more support of this view comes from serious and rationalist sources, such as popular science magazines, emerging theories in physics (different interpretations of quantum entanglement, multiverse theory with its parallel universes etc.), books and articles of prominent scientists, writers, philosophers. So the idea of us fundamentally connected does not seem so absurd anymore. attempts to explore this another dimension of which some people have only little knowledge. And who knows, maybe it could lead to a refreshing perception that our world is invariably strange and it is beyond the grasp of the mind; to the enlightening feeling that everything is one; to the understanding that we are connected.

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